Monday, October 18, 2010

"Take Me Out" by Atomic Tom LIVE on NYC subway

Awesome News for Atomic Tom who Played this years Dewey Beach Musci Conference

Check this out.. Brilliant.. and is huge on Youtube.. almost 1,000,000 views...

Here is the Article

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

DBMC 2010 some Quotes from Artists and Panelists

“... I was most impressed with the vibe, which was so laid back and chill, i met so many people who were genuinely interested in what everyone else was doing, truly networking and not just pushing an agenda. It was a really well-run, well-oiled machine and it allowed the artist to really kick back and enjoy and take advantage of all there was to offer.So thanks again for the opportunity, and for the great time. i'm going to go clean the sand out of my pocket...”

“..Hey! I met a ton of people!
The Grape Room in Philly will be hosting my Album Release show - I got the gig through Dewey Beach. The radio station Volta Radio in Philly will be playing our music.Lou from ReverbNation will be featuring my profile as artist of the day. Davin McCoy and I will be playing and writing together in Atlanta in a couple days.”
- Rachel Platten

"..I had a blast..seeing all the people support music was industry enuff for me...
DEWEY BEACH MUSIC FEST the best way in to the new music industry...”
- Chuck Treece (McRad)

“...Hey guys, I just wanted to follow up and say thanks again for everything. The conference was absolutely amazing and I GENUINELY enjoyed myself. .... Also, had no idea Da Rezarekt was that good! Mark and I were buzzin after that!”
- Isaac J Gordon (Monster Entertainment LLC)

“...We had a complete blast at Dewey. Thanks again for having us.
Dewey Beach is likely one of the most artist friendly music conferences of which I have had the pleasure of being a part. I appreciate that the focus of this conference is on networking. While I came as a panelist to share any knowledge or information I have that might help indie artists, it was great to actually have the time to sit down and speak with some of them about their hopes, goals, and dreams. It just so happens that we are in the market for a couple of bands, and we saw some great ones at Dewey Beach. I highly recommend Dewey Beach to artists who are looking to further their careers.Thank YOU, Jim. Dewey Beach was an AWESOME experience. We can’t wait to come back next year!..”
- Shirley Kennedy (SJK Public Relations, LLC)

“...We can always count on DBMC being a kick-ass time. We hooked up with Dynasty Electric and are in the process of swapping gigs with them. DBMC rocks - I'd recommend it to any indie band interested in developing their career while having fun at the same time. Thanks again!...”
- Shawn (VulGarrity)

“We are hooking up with Paula Savastano (your publishing session speaker) and maybe working on some licensing together! We are going to be produced by Jim Ebert (recording panel and mentoring) for a recording scheduled to start in mid-Nov!...Thanks Dewey, and thanks Vikki!”
- Metropolis America

Thanks for including me in this year's festival. I had a great time and thought the festival was a great success. I saw a lot of great bands and got a lot out of the panels that I was able to attend. Thank you again and I will see you next year!..”
- Phil Schuster (Section 101)

“..Thanks again for a great conference and for having me on a panel. The whole weekend was awesome. I've already booked one of the bands, Darlingside, at The Grape Room...”
- Anthony Caroto (The Grape Room)

“VICKI! Thank you sooooo so much for having us. I have traveled across country on tour with major acts, have played many high profile festival, have done network television with major budgets and have never seen nor experienced such respect, top shelve free food and drink and down right it's all for the artist love EVER. You are truly a gem and someone I would travel the world for just to be a part of any ventures you conduct or a part of because I know it will be successful just as Dewey was for my band and I.”
- Gina Cutillo

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dewey Beach Music Conference 2010 - some videos from the event

Da Rezarekt - rocking the Bottle n Cork

Davin McCoy from Atlanta Ga
Helen Austin from Vancover joins in on this song at The Rusty Rudder

brother josephus & the love revival DBMC friday 2010

Dana Alexandra at The Rusty Rudder